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Final paper due Dec. 8

Take-home quizzes (two parts and two due dates)

Prison Nation Extra Credit: Due Dec. 1

Watch the entire video to better understand the assignment. (Possible 10 points, but I will expect serious application of the material.)
1. For this extra credit assignment, focus on key points from the video and key points from the lecture on prisons (in week 8). (Take a look at some of the short videos in week 8 as well).
2. Accurately and objectively create a synopsis of the presented information that illustrates and explains the points you chose to focus on. (Turn this in as part of the assignment.)
3. Look carefully at the points you selected. What do you think most people assume about the points you chose. Speculate about whether or not most people's assumptions are accurate, partly accurate, or mostly inaccurate. What do you think people believe about the points you selected. (Turn this in as part of the assignment.)
4. Develop at least three questions to 'test' what people know about the points you chose to focus on. Develop accurate answers to your questions, based on empirical evidence as presented in the video and in the lecture.
(Turn this in as part of the assignment.)
5. Ask your questions of at least five people and record their answers. Ask friends, other students, parents, etc. (Turn this in as part of the assignment.)
6. How would you respond to the answers you collected? (Turn this in as part of the assignment.)

Just for fun. Some interesting videos connected with language use and new forms of technology

Genres out of social context

Example of a student's video for an anthropology class. Use of online language in speech.

Welcome to Cultural Anthropology!

"Anthropology is the only discipline that can access evidence about the entire human experience on this planet.”

Michael Brian Schiffer


"Anthropology holds up a great mirror to man (and woman) and lets him look at himself in his infinite variety."

Clyde Kluckhohn


Online sites that accompany the text book: Humanity:

An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology