SPSCC is working to assess whether or not students understand the significance and relevance of ethics in different disciplines, organizations, law etc.
Each discipline, organization, legal entity etc. focuses on different aspects of knowledge and has different purposes for the use of that knowledge. As such, ethics are going to be different from discipline to discipline, organization to organization, legal entity to legal entity, etc.
The anthropology department is assessing whether or not students understand ethics connected with anthropology. Your grade for your work on this exercise may differ from the official assessment of your answers that will go to the dean and to the school assessment director. Your name will not be submitted to the assessment director.

The ethics exercise assignment will be presented in class during week 7

American Anthropological Association code of ethics

Link to John Allison interview (especially listen from 9 minutes into the interview to 22 minutes)

Watch the video about the issues concerning anthropologists working for the military http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnj9D5pr8f8

Examine the website of Concerned Anthropologists http://sites.google.com/site/concernedanthropologists/