Possible extra credit assignments

View one of the following films.

After viewing the film, (1) discuss the information from the film by applying concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism to what happened. (2) Use critical thinking skills to consider and apply 'hegemony' as an explanation for what is being portrayed. (3) How would you practice 'radical critique' as a response to what you see? Write at least 2 pages, double spaced. (Up to 7 points possible). It should be clear in your discussion that you watched the entire film.

Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937):
Used the term hegemony to denote the predominance of one social class/group over others.
This represents more than simply political and economic control.
Hegemony is the ability of the dominant class/group to project its own way of seeing the world so that those who are subordinated by it accept it as 'common sense' and 'natural'.
Common sense, suggests Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, is 'the way a subordinate class lives its subordination.'

Radical Critique is probably the only means that people have of confronting hegemony (Michele Foucault)
Radical critique involves taking apart or questioning common sense, or the things that people believe are ‘natural’ and take for granted.

Film 1

Class Dismissed

Film 2

White King, Black Death

Film 3

Stealing a Nation