Fieldwork assignment 1 article choices

Choices of articles to use within your first fieldwork paper.

Choose the best article to help you interpret your fieldwork. The case studies or specific groups featured in the articles do not need to relate directly to the group you are observing. They are still comparable. Finding differences is a good way to 'see' more about your own culture group.

These are not necessarily easy to read as they are academic articles, but you can use some reading 'tricks' to get through them easier. First, while you are choosing an article read the introduction, first page, and conclusion to see if this article has information relevant to your own fieldwork observations. Skim through the headings throughout the paper to get an idea what is in the article.

Second, after you have chosen an article to your liking, keep in mind that anthropological article-writing style involves an introduction, a history of the theoretical and scientific works that have been a part of this kind of study in the past, a description of the methods of this new study, and then a description of the study itself. The findings of the study are usually reserved for the end of the article. You can decide which parts of the article to skim through and which parts to read more carefully. Look for examples, observations, and insights that will add to your own fieldwork descriptions. Read as much as you need to in order to understand what the authors are saying.

Incorporating concepts and comparisons from one of the following articles is essential in your first fieldwork paper or video.

Joking and humor


Narrative and storytelling

Hidden transcripts