Below is the schedule for leading small group discussions.

When it is your week, be ready with a summary of the article in hand, as well as a set of questions to facilitate critical thinking and discussion about the article. Remember to turn in your summary and questions to the instructor after leading your discussion.

Week 2: Tricking and Tripping

Chris Benson
Adrienne Benson
Shanell Sullenberger
Kiana Sullenberger

Week 3: Shakespeare in the Bush

Nicole Strobel
Zaharah Hakim
Carrae Howerton
Brenna Wood

Week 4: Where Fat is a Mark of Beauty

Michael Reeder
Randi Hewitson
Yoshi Higa
Erika Cogdal

Week 5: When Brothers Share a Wife

Cassiopiea Deason
Aaron Adelmann
Kara Molinelli
BreAnn Sherrill

Week 6: Strings Attached

Gecia Kriens
Kara Stottlemyre
Rachel Lee
Allie Rubino

Week 7: The Kpelle Moot

Logan Rants
Kyle Goodhart
Ashley Bierman
Samantha Anders

Week 8: Understanding Islam

Victoria Aybar
Jimmy Crespo
Kattie Paul
Maura Donnelly

Week 9: The Price of Progress

Brenda Chan
Katherine Barshaw
Justin Daniel

Week 10: Of Ice and Men

Tess Warren
Vanessa Eang
Janna Anderson