Article for first blog, due Sept. 23. (This is an assigned reading)

Handout that goes with the video Race: the power of an illusion (This is an assigned reading)

Study cards. You can use these to help learn vocabulary and study for exams. If you print each set as a two-sided document, you will be able to cut them out as 'flashcards'.

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Power point notes

American Anthropological Association website on "race"

Complexity of genes – differences we see are on the surface – the parts that directly interact with the environment – skin color, hair texture, dealing with microbes etc.. The basic structure and parts of the humans that don’t interact so directly you cannot tell the difference all over the world.
Neanderthals never in Africa or China

Race, the Power of an Illusion website

Background to Stuart Hall's talk about Race the Floating Signifier
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Link to Dr. Stuart Hall's talk

Film: Race, the Power of an Illusion
This is the only link I could find online that has access to the film we watched in class. Look down the 'contents' on the left side of the page until you come to Race, the Power of an Illusion, part I, The Differences Between Us. The other two films in the series are excellent too. We may watch the third one later in the quarter.

TED talk about genome project